Brazil come back against Colombia and remain undefeated in the Copa América (Summary, Video)

The Brazilian National Team continues with a perfect step in the Copa América 2021, after this Wednesday, June 23, they came back against the Selection of Colombia 2-1 with scores from Roberto Firmino and Casemiro.

At the beginning of the match, it was the Brazilian team that came out to propose and generated a couple of dangerous plays in front of Ospina’s frame, but ended up taking a tremendous surprise in the first coffee attack.

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In a play where Juan Guillermo Cuadrado took the ball from the right wing, the Juventus player sent a cross into the area so that Luis “Lucho” Díaz finished off with a tremendous scissors and made it 1-0 for Colombia.

After the goal of the Colombians, the match began to even out and the first half ended with the advantage for those of Reinaldo Rueda.

For the second half, Brazil again came out with everything and little by little began to back down to Colombia, which began to present problems to defend itself.

At minute 78, in a controversial play where the ball hit the whistling Pitana, Roberto Firmino headed in to put the tie. After several minutes of reviewing the play, where the Colombians asked to annul the goal, the score was finally accepted.

The match continued with Brazil looking for victory and in a corner kick at minute 99 (10 were added), Neymar found Casemiro alone in the area for him to put the final 2-1.

With this victory, the Brazilian National Team assured to advance to the next round as group winners, while Colombia will have to wait for results.

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