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Argentina pressures the UN to negotiate again on Malvinas

United Nations, Jun 24 (. News) .- Argentina went to the United Nations on Thursday to press for a return to negotiations with the United Kingdom on the sovereignty of the Malvinas Islands, a request that again received international support, but which London has rejected for decades. Argentine Foreign Minister Felipe Solá appeared before the UN Decolonization Committee to urge that talks resume as soon as possible, amid what he later described in a press conference as a more “proactive” strategy on the part of the Government of Alberto Fernández. “There is no reason, except the intention of the United Kingdom to maintain the manifestly illegitimate colonial situation, so that the bilateral dialogue on the Malvinas issue is not resumed right now,” Solá stressed before said Committee. Solá defended his country’s interest in negotiating, in line with what the United Nations General Assembly has traditionally demanded, and blamed London for this process remaining paralyzed. “The United Kingdom alleges that there will be no sovereignty negotiations unless the inhabitants of the islands consider it to be so. In this way, the United Kingdom intends to ignore what is established by the General Assembly, relying on the supposed right to self-determination of the inhabitants, “he said. According to the Argentine Foreign Minister, this reasoning has no basis in international law and “is no more than an excuse to preserve the colonial presence in the South Atlantic.” Thus, he insisted that the principle of self-determination does not apply to the Falklands, given that the composition of the population of the area is “the result of colonization initiated by the United Kingdom in 1833” and using it would mean leaving it in the hands of “the colonizers “the decision on the final status of the territory. CHANGE OF STRATEGY The Argentine minister recalled that the recovery of the Malvinas is an issue that has total consensus among Argentine political forces, but pointed to a change in “attitude” on the part of the current government. As he said, Fernández has opted for “a more proactive attitude” in response to “the quiet of the United Kingdom” in the face of calls to discuss the sovereignty issue. “We do not want a comfort zone to be maintained in the Argentine-British relationship as if nothing happened,” he explained during his press conference at the UN headquarters. Solá pointed out that London still does not respond to requests for dialogue and that, therefore, his country wants to put the sovereignty of the Falklands “at the center” of its relationship with the United Kingdom. “THE LARGEST AIRCRAFT CARRIER IN THE WORLD” The Argentine Foreign Minister also denounced before the UN Decolonization Committee the “deployment of British military force” in the islands, which he described as “completely unjustified” given that 39 years of “absolute peaceful attitude have passed. “by Argentina. “It is not justified that there is a base of 2,000 people with nuclear elements and increasingly important and a very strong militarization that has no reason to be based on the attitude of Argentina,” he stressed. “Malvinas has become the largest aircraft carrier in the world. It is in a strategic area and England is not acting to defend the islanders, it is acting exclusively to maintain a colony there that is basically a military base,” he insisted. SUPPORT FROM LATIN AMERICA Argentina’s claims found broad support today at the meeting of the Decolonization Committee, which approved by consensus a new resolution that reiterates the call for a direct dialogue between the two countries to resolve the dispute. The text was promoted by Chile, Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Venezuela and went ahead without the need for a vote. Numerous Latin American countries intervened in the session to give their support to Buenos Aires and underline the need to end “colonialism” in the region. On behalf of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), Mexico made clear the region’s full support for the position expressed by Solá and urged the UN Secretary General, António Guterres, to renew his efforts to promote the return to the negotiations. This week, during his visit to New York, Solá conveyed a similar message directly to Guterres during a bilateral meeting they held. (c) . Agency

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