The president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, denied on Monday that he tried to interfere in the work of the Federal Police and described the accusations in this regard as “light”, after a video of a ministerial meeting in which he was released I could see how he claimed that he had already tried to change security personnel in Rio de Janeiro.

“I never interfered in the work of the Federal Police. All these statements to the contrary are light. The testimonies of innumerable federal delegates heard confirm that I never requested information from any of them,” Bolsonaro said in a statement.

Days ago, the judge of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court, Celso de Mello, released some images provided by former Justice Minister Sergio Moro, who, after resigning from his position, denounced Bolsonaro for interfering in the Federal Police (PF) to benefit family and friends.

“I’ve already tried to officially change our security personnel in Rio de Janeiro, and it can’t! I’m not going to wait for my family or friends to get screwed just because I can’t change someone from security. They change!” Bolsonaro said, according to the images.

“And if you can’t change it, you change your boss. Can’t you change it either? Change the minister. And end point,” said the Brazilian head of state.

After presenting his resignation in late April after Bolsonaro dismissed PF director Maurício Valeixo, Moro noted that the Brazilian president was also eager to gain control of the Police Headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, where one of his sons, Flávio, is being investigated for an alleged crime of money laundering.

“Moro, you have 21 superintendencies, I only want one, the one in Rio de Janeiro”, is the text that Moro presented to the Prosecutor’s Office and that he would have received from Bolsonaro in March through a WhatsApp message when I was in Washington on an official trip.

In relation to the note issued by Bolsonaro, he assures that, “for the sake of Justice”, he trusts “in the investigation that led to the broadcast of the video” and has wanted to show his “commitment and respect” for democracy and Legislative and Judicial Powers.

The Brazilian Prosecutor’s Office is investigating these alleged interference by Bolsonaro within the security forces, after one of the first changes ordered by the new PF chief, Rolando Alexandre de Souza, has been to change positions to Carlos Henrique Oliveira, who left the Superintendency of Rio de Janeiro.

In his testimony to the Prosecutor’s Office, Moro pointed out that Bolsonaro’s first attempts to replace the police director in Rio de Janeiro began in August 2019 when the president himself “verbally” requested the removal of the person who was then in charge, Ricardo Saadi.

Both on that occasion and in recent dates, Bolsonaro, Moro continued, proposed the candidacy of Commissioner Alexandre Ramagem, whose friendship with the Bolsonaro family, especially with two of his sons, is publicly known. However, the Supreme blocked this appointment and it was decided to name De Souza, Ramagem’s trusted man.