Brazil and Argentina triumph in qualifying rounds for Qatar


La Jornada newspaper
Wednesday, November 18, 2020, p. a11

Montevideo. Brazil, leaders in the South American qualifying rounds, continues its perfect course by defeating Uruguay 2-0 in Montevideo, to stitch together its fourth consecutive victory, in a day full of surprises in which Ecuador swept Colombia 6-1 and Venezuela defeated 2- 1 to Chile.

Argentina, for its part, fulfilled the expectation and defeated Peru 2-0 at the National Stadium.

With Lionel Messi pulling the strings, the Albiceleste took the victory with goals from Nicolás González at 17 minutes and Lautaro Martínez at 28.

With this result, Argentina added 10 points, second in the qualifier led by Brazil.

Paraguay, in turn, had a tremendous scare and barely drew 2-2 with bottom Bolivia in Asunción and wasted the opportunity to sneak into the vanguard group.

The triumph of Brazil was without dazzling against a low-flying Uruguay, but that places it in the privileged situation in the standings with 12 points.

Uruguay was a litmus test for the Seleçao, who in their first three presentations defeated rivals who did not represent difficult challenges: Bolivia, Venezuela and Peru, which occupy the last three positions.

Without Neymar, Brazil is no more than a ‘common’ team, who makes the most of their chances and is very powerful in defense.

Anyway, Uruguay missed Suárez more than Brazil missed Neymar. The gunman tested positive for Covid-19 on the eve of this classic and left the Celeste without offensive strength. To make matters worse, the other Uruguayan gunner Edinson Cavani was expelled and will not be able to face Argentina in March in the Río de la Plata classic.

In one of its worst performances at the South American level, Colombia received four goals in just 40 minutes of play and ended up beaten 6-1, in an Ecuadorian festival that uncovered the gargantuan defensive errors of the coffee growers and left their coach, the Portuguese Carlos Queiroz, on the tightrope.

Another great surprise came from Venezuela in Caracas against Chile, which was on the rise after defeating Peru 2-0, and achieved its first three points that give it a certain air in the long tie.