In a series in which Macarena García, Belén Cuesta and Lidia San José appear, the attention and gaze of the viewer are captured by a different diva. A woman “iconic of course, old, with a stale but a stale dear, like playing brisca with your grandmother,” says Brays Efe, the actor who has given life to Paquita Salas, the protagonist of the series of the same title written and directed by the Javis (Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi, directors of La Llamada). A format designed for the web, acquired by Flooxer and that caught the attention of Netflix. After months of negotiations, the American giant acquired the rights to the series, whose second season is about to start filming and will exclusively broadcast the platform. All Spanish-speaking countries, and all Anglo-Saxons with subtitles, will be able to enjoy the vicissitudes of a unique female character.

Promo of the arrival of Paquita Salas on Netflix

Paquita is a representative of old-fashioned actors whose agency is in clear decline in times where she sends a fresh, modern image and the latest in working methods. She is an antiheroine ready for anything and with a powerful dark side, which nevertheless arouses great empathy. “The key is that, the characters with the most mistakes are the ones we feel most identified with. We better reflect on the imperfect. Paquita’s imperfections are that thing of daring, having that nose that you see and it is embarrassing, but at the same time you think, I wish I would have dared to do it too, “says Brays as a quality that could attract the attention of a multinational like Netflix, which has brought to its content grid a story with something as typically Spanish as “the ladies.” “There is no doubt that in Spain there is a love for the ladies. In Paquita, the fact that he represents well-known actors is added, and that draws even more attention, because you think how it is possible that behind that star is a lady who does not know where she left the bag. The inexhaustible formula is that she is a complex character, in a moment she is the queen of the room and in a second she is the dumbest in the world ”.

The other ingredient in the success of the series has been, according to its protagonist, “the sensitivity of the Javis to tell it.” Ambrossi and Calvo have once again scored an unmitigated victory with this series. A modest project now embarking on a new season under the umbrella of a large corporation. “They are two very hard-working people, they are quite clear about what they want, and they do it with zero pressure. They do not try to make the path of anyone, they have found theirs, which is the most difficult thing there is. They make you part of a vision and concrete idea and very yours about life. And they complement each other perfectly. Together they are a very spectacular person ”. The series is also transgressive, since a man plays Paquita, including scenes of nude and sex. “We never intended to go in there. It is born from a joke of ours, one day I create it in a room with them. The Javis did not create the character and said: A man is going to do it. There is nothing premeditated, nor intention to play with the genre. In the DNA of the comedian is the making of a woman, and Paquita is in that tradition. Regarding sex, it is, but the series is not built around that. In that sense, she is very feminist. ”


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Brays Efe is in a way the opposite of Paquita Salas. An actor who also writes articles, blogs and scripts, who collaborates on radio and television programs and who is not tied to acting or any label. Paquita instead clings to what it is, and its gin tonic by Larios accompanied by torreznos. “How nice that you ask me about that, because it is a detail that defines Paquita and I asked the Javis in a moment to change the script in that regard in the last chapter of the series!” Remembers the actor, laughing. “The series talks about contradictions, about what we want to be and we end up being … Paquita is many things that can be contradictory but that is life. Vindicate talent against the obsession with the new. It is not against one or the other, but it does show the good of both options ”. An ancient woman who has conquered the modern television platform. In 2018 the new season of Paquita Salas will premiere on Netflix, again directed by the Javis. “We are working hard to conserve the things they have liked about Paquita Salas. Paquita is going to be very happy on Netflix, and Netflix loves Paquita just the way she is, “concludes its protagonist.