As we already know, at Wrestlemania 36 we are going to have the fight between John Cena and ¨The Fiend¨ Bray Wyatt. Both superstars will face each other again after 6 years, in Wrestlemania 30, when John Cena managed to take the victory. This time, it seems like Bray Wyatt is more likely to win the match as he has a good character. However, according to various sources, WWE could give us a big surprise in this regard.

During his career, Bray Wyatt has had several characters that have brought him to the point where he is right now. He started as a member of NEXUS, then went on to be the “devourer of worlds” until at this moment, he presents his double facet in Firefly Funhouse.

Bray Wyatt could fight multiple characters against John Cena

As we have previously said, some sources report that Bray Wyatt could use various characters from his career to face John Cena at Wrestlemania 36. This has been affirmed little by little, after we know that Wrestlemania 36 will be recorded and broadcast delayed from the Performance Center. Bray Wyatt could reportedly use both The Fiend and the Firefly Funhouse character.

However, it would not be ruled out to be able to see the “devourer of worlds” Bray Wyatt again. As we already know, during the construction of this rivalry between Wyatt and Cena, that Wrestlemania 30 was remembered a lot when John Cena took the victory against Bray Wyatt. After knowing this information, there is a great chance to see the character again who took the maximum respect from the fans. Character who even accomplished the feat of becoming WWE champion in Elimination Chamber 2017.

Without a doubt, it would be great to see the “world eater” Bray Wyatt again, at least making a cameo in the fight against John Cena. It’s always good to see old faces again in WWE. What do you think, would you like to see Bray Wyatt with his old character again? Give us your opinion in the comments below.

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