F1 sporting director surprised by level of connection with fans

The Briton has predicted a rising future for competition simracing

Ross Brawn, F1 sporting director, has praised the rise of Esports in the premier class during the global pandemic of COVID-19 and thanked the real drivers for their participation, as well as auguring a future on the rise for competitions. simracing.

Brawn has highlighted the power of approach to fans of the premier category by Esports, in a way in which the real competition cannot reach, and hence the surprise of the staff of the Great Circus.

“One of the keys lately has been trying to keep fans connected to our sport, especially during the quarantine where there have been so many people creating content, and it has been great,” Brawn said in an FIA virtual conference. as part of the #thinkingforward project interview series.

“What has surprised me is how the real F1 drivers have been involved in these events and how well they have been able to connect with the fans. There was no other talk and everyone wanted to get to know the drivers better. They wanted to see the part that is not normally seen when they are wearing a helmet “, added the Briton.

Facing future F1 stars, Brawn believes that young figures like Norris or Russell have been empowered because people have been able to get to know them better in Esports and their personal streams, given that on a typical Formula 1 weekend, they barely they have media coverage.

“Of course, with Esports, compared to F1, you have more information with the drivers and how they really are. Lando Norris, George Russell … all these guys that maybe people didn’t know that much because they are not in charge of F1 , now their personalities have come to light “, he pointed out.

Despite the boom in recent months, Brawn has ruled out that F1 cease its efforts to grow Esports and in fact, has pointed to amplify the protection of the queen category with its virtual competitions.

“I think Esports have been a very useful element for F1 and that is why we have always supported them. ÇWe have organized our own championship with all the teams on the grid with professional gamers. The fact that the real drivers have participated has also given an extra push “Brawn has reflected.

“I am sure that the support will go further and there is a lot to do in the future. We have seen all the positive part of it and we will not let it escape. Formula 1 is committed to it,” he concluded.

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