Brawn defends Alonso and the way he defended himself against Hamilton

After switching to medium tires, Hamilton was almost four seconds faster than the leaders in the Hungarian Grand Prix Sunday, which gave him the opportunity to fight for victory.

But the hopes of Hamilton they were ruined when he caught up with Fernando Alonso, who was fourth. The Spaniard closed the door on him again and again with a brutal defense for more than ten laps, which would ultimately be the key to the triumph of his teammate Esteban Ocon.

In that battle, where again and again Alonso traced turn 2 perfectly and blocked at 4, Hamilton was frustrated and complained several times on the radio station. Mercedes. The Spaniard really explained that it was in the last corners where he managed to separate himself enough from the Englishman so that he did not attack him on the main straight, and that he hoped that his rival would have lasted two laps at most to pass him.

Despite Hamilton’s protests on the radio at the alleged harshness of Alonso, the duel was not even “scored” by the commissioners, much less studied or sanctioned. And when F1 CEO Ross Brawn wrote his usual post-race column, he spoke about what happened, praising the battle between two drivers who add up to nine titles.

“I’m glad Fernando won the best driver of the day award, because I would have given him my vote too,” Brawn said in reference to the ‘Driver of the Day’ who took # 14 by fan vote.

Fernando Alonso, Alpine A521, Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes W12

Photo by: Mark Sutton / Motorsport Images

“It was a great performance. One of the Alpine drivers was going to get that ‘Driver of the Day’ award and he probably went from Esteban to Fernando with that battle.” And yes, it was, Ocon led the voting until Alonso stoically resisted and there was ‘sorpasso’.

“What you see when Fernando fights in F1 are incredibly tough battles, but you always know it’s going to be fair.”

“I know Lewis complained a bit about Fernando’s defense, but I don’t think there was a problem. Fernando has been tough and fair and has always left enough room, which is the right thing to do.”

“It was a brilliant battle and I hope it is a taste of what is to come in the second half of the season.”

Given that Hamilton would finally manage to pass Alonso (and easily Carlos Sainz) to finish third (second after disqualifying Vettel), the Englishman lowered his protests to the media.

Speaking into the microphones after being treated by the team doctor for dizziness and fatigue, Hamilton noted that Alonso had been on the edge.

“It was really fantastic,” commented # 44. “We were literally wheel to wheel at least once. I don’t have much more to say about it.”

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“When you race against a two-time world champion, he is probably one of the toughest drivers, but fair. Although I would say that today I was a bit on the edge.”

Finally, Hamilton expressed his wish that the cars of 2022 really allow better battles: “I wish the cars could be followed more closely and I am looking forward to knowing what it will be like with next year’s cars. I hope much of it will be eradicated. of the evil we have here. “

“It is a circuit where it is really difficult to overtake in general, and to follow another car, especially in that last sector, but there were great fights wheel to wheel.”

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