Bravo! Pedro y el Lobo’s initiative to support the Mixe community and its Philharmonic Band

In mid-December 2019, the Municipal Philharmonic Band of Ayutla in Oaxaca was the victim of a robbery in which they were stripped of their musical instruments. Since then, the original group of the Mixe community has lived in their own flesh the difficulty of recovering a little of what was lost.

The importance of this grouping goes beyond, of course, since for that community their presence is a source of pride and tradition. The people of Ayutla need this municipal group to shape their rich and varied agenda of festivities and traditions, which they would not be the same without the musical intervention of the philharmonic.

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Given this, the record label Pedro Y El Lobo decided to join the cause with a special launch whose objective is to support the unfortunate situation that people go through not only from the Municipal Philharmonicbut the Mixe community in general.

Low Roar Show for PYL. Photo: Courtesy

The situation in the Mixe community of Ayutla

The Municipal Philharmonic Band of Ayutla is more than a musical group; It is a symbol of the cultural richness of the Mixe community. As ambassadors of the region, the group is in charge of decorating the celebrations in this area of ​​Oaxaca with their melodies, from the most colorful festivals to the funerals of the beloved inhabitants.

The members of this distinguished band received strong news in December of last year when they learned that his musical instruments were stolen. And it is that the value of these objects, according to the people close to the community, had an important emotional value because they are achieved through donations, savings and everything type of contributions from people.

Tweet from Yásnaya Elena Aguilar Gil. Photo: Twitter capture

And if that was not enough, Since 2017, the Mixe community has faced water shortages as a result of the raid on the spring that supplied water to the region. Activists such as the renowned linguist Yásnaya Elena Aguilar Gil have denounced the events, receiving almost omission responses. Today, amid an aggressive pandemic, andhe little water supply for the community complicates the health environment.


Pedro Y El Lobo joins the Mixe cause

The panorama is visualized uncertain for the Ayutla Philharmonic and the Mixe community overall, but support efforts continue. The record label Peter And The Wolf joins the cause of the inhabitants of the region with the launch of Pedro And The Wolf Presents:.

This subject is a live compilation that the indie label will share to celebrate its 10th anniversary. The compositions of this album include several recordings that the capital record company has made during sessions and concerts since its establishment in 2010 in CDMX.

Low Roar presentation for PYL. Photo: Courtesy

Pedro And The Wolf Presents: It will arrive at Bandcamp on November 25 and will remain there for two months so that users can download it. All proceeds during that period will be donated to the Municipal Philharmonic of Ayutla through the civil association The Day After. The material will later reach other streaming platforms and the royalties generated there will be used to support the Mixe community and other indigenous struggles.

About the label

Pedro and The Wolf (PYL) is an independent label that was established in 2010 in the Condesa neighborhood of Mexico City. Since then, the label has opted to offer its services as a recording studio and label, in addition to organizing live events in various venues such as the Lunario of the National Auditorium.

This independent record company, over 10 years, has organized events for artists such as Patrick Watson or The Album Leaf and Belafonte Sensacional. In addition, today as a record company, they have a catalog made up of names such as Low Roar, The Go Rounds, Lázaro Cristóbal Comala, Hanging Valleys and other artists who have found a space in PYL to make their music sound.

Hanging Valleys presentation for PYL. Photo: Courtesy

On November 25, remember, it will arrive at Bancamp Pedro And The Wolf Presents:. Do not miss the opportunity to join this solidarity project to the Mixe community and its Philharmonic Band. Here we leave you the tracklist of the material.

Tracklist of ‘Pedro Y El Lobo Presents:’

1. Balmorhea – “Bowsprit” (Live, Ordinary People 2013)

2. Alexi Murdoch – “The Light” (Live, Ordinary People 2014)

3. The Go Rounds – “Wounded Love” (Live, PYL Session 2015)

4. Lázaro Cristóbal – “Goodbye, Open More Windows” (Live, Department 2018)

5. Aisha Burns – “Shelly” (Live, PYL Session 2018)

6. Matt Kivel – “The Cruel Mother” (Live, PYL Session 2019)

7. Hearing Aid Beige – “Isn’t It Nice” (Live, Sorting Room Studios 2020)

8. The Album Leaf – “Brennivin” (Live, Ordinary People 2014)

9. Low Roar – “I’ll Keep Coming” (Live, Teatro Milan 2020)

10. Marisa Anderson – “Resurrection II” (Live, PYL Session 2020)

11. DePedro – “Diciembre” (Live, PYL Session 2019)

12. Joaquín García – “Uneven” (Live, Ordinary People 2013)

13. Rodes Rollins – “Big Girls” (Live, PYL Secret Show 2019)

14. Todd Clouser – “Tlalpan Girl” (Live, PYL Session 2017)

15. Belafonte Sensacional – “Las Distancias” (Live, PYL Session 2019)

16. Y La Bamba – “Ojos del Sol” (Live, PYL Session 2016)

17. Ryley Walker & Bill MacKay – “The Roundabout” (Live, Department 2016)

18. Hanging Valleys – “In Your Blood” (Live, Department 2016)

19. Jesse Beaman – “Figment of the Imagination” (Live, Seize The Means Studios 2020)

20. Elisabeth Pixley-Fink – “Let Go” (Live, PYL Session 2014)

21. Page Sounds – “Hungry Men” (Live, PYL Session 2020)

22. PH – “Ukulele Song” (Live, PYL Session 2020)

23. Moonatic – “Blank Thoughts” (Live Demo 2013)

24. Cienega – “Sandbox Reworked” (Live, Ordinary People 2014)

Pedro Y El Lobo recording studio. Photo: Courtesy