The 23th of September, BRAVE Combat Federation, the leading mixed martial arts promotion founded by the Sheikh Khaled bin Hamad Al Khalifa and based in the Kingdom of Bahrain, will complete four years of operations.

It was the same day, in 2016, than BRAVE CF 1 started a revolution in martial arts that spread from Middle East to all the world.

From the first event, BRAVE CF stood out for its unique vision and mission. The trend continued over the years and through the many accomplishments of BRAVE CF.

«One of the most prominent, undoubtedly, is the fact that the organization, labeled as the “truly global promotion of MMA”, Lived up to his name and traveled the world like no other, offering a platform for international fighters and carrying the flag of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

In four years, BRAVE CF has visited 20 countries, on five different continents, a milestone that no other promotion in Mixed martial arts has been able to achieve, demonstrating that not only the vision, but the execution and growth of BRAVE CF they are invisible and incomparable.

BRAVE CF prides itself on empowering regions of the world that would otherwise be overlooked, such as Pakistan and India, while maintaining and promoting investment made in traditional martial arts countries such as Brazil, England and Mexico.

The brand born in Bahrain It has also been on a mission to grow the MMA scene in Europe, hosting events and partnering with local promotions and giving local fighters the global platform they truly deserve.

In Africa, BRAVE Combat Federation made history by becoming the first international MMA company to host an event on the continent, and has renewed its commitment to the African MMA scene by hosting events there in 2018 and 2019.