BRAVE CF light heavyweight title fight thickens: “I’ll break your head and break your bones”

The dispute between the world middleweight champion and the aspiring double champion Mohammed Fakhreddine and the contender for the light heavyweight title Mohamed Said Maalem is getting intense once again, as their long-awaited clash within the BRAVE CF Arena.

During an official filming of a promotional video for BRAVE CF 52, recently released on the account of Instagram from BRAVE CF, Said Maalem he raised the pressure and made some powerful statements towards his rival. Thank goodness BRAVE CF accepted the fight. Fakhreddine, I promise you Fakhreddine, I will break your head, I will break your bones, I will drink your blood, you will see what happens when you make fun of Algeria ”, said the Algerian star.


Said Maleem seems particularly upset by what he described as the “Fakhreddine’s lack of respect for the nation of Algeria”. «L’Ambiance» He then promised to set the record inside the cage, doing it for his compatriots.
And you have good reason to trust your possibilities.

With a professional record of 11 wins and just three losses, Said Maalem is currently on a 6 win streak, including two wins BRAVE CF: a dominant unanimous decision on Todd stoute and a brutal first-round knockout of Zvonimir Kralj.

Mohammed Fakhreddine vs Mohamed Said Maalem will be the main event of the night for BRAVE CF 52: Bad Blood.The event will take place on August 1 in Milan, Italy, in association with The Golden Cage.


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