Brandon Flowers will need an operation after suffering a bike accident

The first months of 2021 have not turned out as I would like to Brandon flowers. Beyond the pandemic and the imminent negative effects that these have on the music industry, the vocalist of The Killers now you must deal with a health problem – don’t worry, nothing to do with the coronavirus-.

It turns out that the singer recently had an accident while riding a bicycle and things were more serious than they seemed because he will need surgery on one shoulder. Now, it will be necessary to see if this situation will delay in any way the plans that the group has for release a material in the middle of this year.

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The Brandon Flowers accident

You go around, walking without the greatest problem and in less than what you imagine, life has an accident prepared for you to make things difficult. Something like this happened to the dear Brandon flowers in the last days after a bike ride will be more complicated than necessary.

This was announced by the singer in a question and answer session through Instagram in which the drummer accompanied him Ronnie Vanucci. During the talk, the vocalist explained that the accident left him a badly injured shoulder and he will have to undergo a surgical procedure to fix it.

Brandon Flowers and Ronnie Vanucci. Photo: .

“I stepped over the handlebars of my bike and got injured because of it… I have a torn right shoulder labrum, so I’ll have to go under the knife in a couple of weeks to fix it “Brandon told his followers on social media. The labrum is a ring of fibrocartilaginous tissue within the shoulder socket where the upper arm bone fits.

Brando flowers He also pointed out that after the operation, he should spend approximately six weeks wearing a sling. According to him, this is not the first time that you will have to undergo a surgical procedure of this kind since you have previously been operated on for decompression problems in both shoulders. We hope a soon recovery.

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The Killers’ plans for 2021

The Killers had a short UK tour scheduled for the middle of this year, but the recent crash of Brandon flowers it could complicate things. “We hope it happens in May, but it doesn’t look very good.”said the vocalist in the question and answer session on Instagram. In addition to that, there is also uncertainty about whether the coronavirus pandemic would allow these presentations.

Recall that last December, the band shared an image on social networks with a ‘list A’ in which some titles of possible songs were appreciated. This revelation came a few months after the same vocalist told NME that they would release a new album in 2021, even though they had just released in August 2020. Imploding The Mirage.

“Every time a person makes an album, they say they have like 50 songs and they will release another album. Well, we are those people … We will launch another one in 10 months or so, Brandon said to the English medium. For now, the group commented that very soon they will share a new song of about seven minutes and with that, we will see if the Flowers operation does not delay the recording of the new record label.

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