Braithwaite, award for insistence

06/26/2021 at 8:29 PM CEST

Martin Braithwaite is the first player of the Barça classified for Euro quarterfinals. Your selection, Denmark, beat Gareth Bale’s Wales (0-4) with authority and expressed that he wants to become the big surprise of the top continental competition. With a very careful game and the ball as the main protagonist, the Danish team certified their pass to the next tie in a match in which, although Kasper Dolberg was the protagonist, the insistence of the Barcelona footballer was rewarded in the stoppage time.

Located once again on the far right, Braithwaite was very participatory. He associated perfectly with his teammates, gave depth to his team and did not stop looking for his first goal in the Eurocup. He naturally assumed his role as an important footballer in the Denmark team and got to see goal for the first time in the championship, although he had to persist and be very stubborn. He was not successful in the two clear occasions he had, especially the second – which crashed against the post – but the third time was the charm: received a ‘gift’ from Andreas Cornelius, cut and defined to perfection with a crossed left foot.

The fourth Danish goal of the afternoon required the intervention of the VAR to be validated, as the referee canceled it for offside initially, but ended up rising to the scoreboard. Although the duel was already fully decided, Martin’s teammates embraced him effusively, aware that their effectiveness will be very important in view of the quarter-finals against the Netherlands or the Czech Republic. He, of course, too reacted fiercely to his target and at the end of the match, when the footballers approached the sector of the stands where the Denmark supporters were to celebrate the triumph.

Beyond his goal, Braithwaite created many occasions. Without going any further, the second goal for his team, which was key at the time it occurred –just after the break–, came after a cross from him. The commitment against Wales ended with 48 interventions, 32 passes with a 75% success rate, five duels won and two dribbles. Those of Kasper Hjulmand, in view of the quarters, have recovered the best version of a Barça player with whom the sports management, by the way, does not have for next season.

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