Marcus Smart is one of the NBA players who unfortunately has contracted the coronavirus. The Boston Celtics member, from the moment he tested positive on March 19, has always shown a positive attitude, and has taken advantage of his situation to further raise awareness.

Brad StevensThe Celtics’ head coach has recently spoken to the media via conference call. Among other things. He spoke about the current state of health of his player and the great attitude he is having throughout the recovery process:

“He’s joking all day, as always. We’ve had a Zoom conference with the rest of the team and we told him we’d give him his own space so he could hang out and have fun, and he told us to get off. It’s great.”

It has just been 14 days since the first case of Coronavirus in the NBA, that of Rudy Gobert.

The Frenchman was the first of 14 cases in the league. Donovan Mitchell, Marcus Smart, Christian Wood and Kevin Durant were the others confirmed.

Also there were in PHI, BKN, LAL and DEN.

– Isolation (@IsolationNBA) March 26, 2020

From the moment of his positive, Smart has behaved with great responsibility from minute one. He recorded a video in which he reiterated that all health recommendations had to be followed and posted it on Twitter instantly.

“I am proud of how he took the initiative to tell people that he had it and that he felt good. He simply asked people to follow the recommended directions. This is a really unique and disturbing time for everyone. We must all go in the same direction to get over it and look forward. “