According to a source confiding in New Idea, Brad Pitt would have totally fallen for the singer Adèle a few weeks ago

While all Brad Pitt fans thought he was going to get back together with his ex Jennifer Aniston, it doesn’t seem to be news at all. Indeed, it’s about the singer Adèle that he would have set his sights.

This is in any case what we can think of after the words of a source close to this one confiding in New Idea. Our colleagues from Melty, relaying the words of this same source a few hours ago.

But then, how would Brad Pitt and Adele come to see each other and turn around? It must be said that since artist weight loss, it seems to panic the heads of some men.

This is why it would not be abnormal to see the actor circling around him. Especially since, as reported by Melty, the singer would start to open up in love again recently: “Adele is slowly starting to open up in love again. She feels good and she gets a lot of attention. More recently, she started chatting and joking more with Brad ”.

Brad Pitt therefore makes Adèle laugh… Hey everyone knows that humor turns out to be the best “weapon” to charm.

Brad Pitt would totally fall for the singer Adèle!

Adèle and Brad Pitt soon as a couple?

If in addition to that, you are fascinated by your “target”, it can only help you in your conquest. Because yes, the actor would be totally fan of the interpreter of “Rolling in the deep”:

“Brad Pitt is fascinated by Adele. He thinks she is beautiful but she also makes him laugh a lot when they hang out together. Or when they are chatting on the phone. Adele is very cash and Brad likes it a lot. “

The source, also adding: “He hopes to have his chances with her but he is not sure she feels the same. He rather has the impression that she is not looking for something serious ”.

So it remains to know how it will all end. Although according to rumors, Brad Pitt’s chances with the artist turn out to be slim …

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