Brad Pitt has had a new girlfriend for a few weeks. And this relationship is controversial on all sides. We explain to you.

We know, recently, Brad Pitt is dating a new girlfriend. But this one is very young which causes the annoyance of his ex-wife Angelina Jolie. The two are in the middle of a divorce and don’t agree at all.

She is only 27 years old but is the famous actor’s new girlfriend. She is beautiful and young you cannot take away from her. But strange thing: the young woman is already married to a 68-year-old man. With him she even had a child who is now 7 years old.

But the two live in a free union. So, for Nicole Poturalski, there is no problem dating Brad Pitt at the same time. But this girlfriend is really not to the taste of the very famous Angelina Jolie. We can understand it.

So on Instagram she posted a photo in a beautiful orange dress. So she writes: “Happy people don’t hate”. Immediately, we wonder if this message could be related to the tensions of the actor and his ex-wife.

Brad Pitt: his girlfriend poses in an ultra sexy little orange dress!

Brad Pitt: tensions with Angelina Jolie are growing

And that’s a shame ! Recently, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had made peace. They were starting even to agree on the custody of their many children. But there, war is once again present between them.

“Tensions have intensified between Brad and Angelina, and family therapy ultimately did not take place, ”a source told US Weekly. But the trial is approaching. It will then be held in October.

And apartment nothing is yet clear between them. ” Brad wants 50/50 physical and legal custody of children. Angelina did not accept these terms ”, confirmed the same source.

But in addition the attitude of Brad Pitt seems unacceptable to Angelina. ” She is green that he walks around Europe with this girl instead of being dignified and keeping his love life private. The fact that Brad Pitt took this girl to their former marital home is simply inappropriate and inappropriate.

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