Boy is run over by patrol in Edomex; they let the police go

MEXICO CITY.- A child suffered multiple injuries when he was run over by a patrol in the State of Mexico. Medical and pre-hospital expenses are another concern that the minor’s family is facing.

An official from the municipality of Melchor Ocampo ran over my nephew. There are witnesses who say that the policeman was speeding a bit, I am not going to say like crazy not so slowly, but that he was crouching I do not know if he was looking at the cell phone and what he was doing, “said José Antonio Leyva, uncle of the run over child.

Today, 11-year-old Erick Said Leyva is admitted to the High Specialty Hospital in Zumpango awaiting surgery for a fracture.

He had a lung injury and clots in his head, the clots were drained from his head and the lung with the treatment is reacting, practically nothing else would be missing the operation of the femur ”.

While the officer who ran over him is about to get his freedom.

They tell me at the Izcalli MP that they are going to release him within 48 hours because there is no reason to detain him because my nephew was alive, he had not died. I ask them if the patrol has any insurance or something and they tell me with these words that if he didn’t know, the less he would be telling me ”.

Meanwhile, the bill at the hospital continues to rise.

Until the last cut I asked for, it was 76,600 pesos. My sister had an appointment with the president of Melchor Ocampo who is from the municipality where my nephew was run over, she is practically the one who has approached us. He has paid part of what goes to the hospital, it seems to me that today he sent money for my nephew’s operation and promised to pay the rest ”.

Although the authorities’ commitment is to pay the hospital expenses, Erick will require special care.

Her mother, María de los Ángeles, lost her job and it is she who supports her four children.

We only ask what the hospital expenses are and what her recovery will take, everything she needs, without being therapies, they do not comment in the hospital that they are possibly special meals and then my sister was fired from her work because she has to here at the hospital then we asked them for financial support because she lost her job.

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