Boxing: The fortune that Canelo Álvarez won for his fight against Billy Joe Saunders

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Canelo ends up with bully Billy Joe Saunders

Saunders ends up in hospital after beating Canelo

Canelo Alvarez increased a little more his great fortune after the fight against Billy Joe Saunders. The Mexican, who added a new belt by beating him, is right now the figure that generates the most money in boxing and their fights usually reach 30 million dollars. But in the last one he pocketed something more and reached 35.

Of these, 15 million are guaranteed in the stock market and the other 20 are due to television rights. A figure much higher than that of his opponent. Saunders made about $ 5 million, something that is not usual for him but that he has achieved thanks to this appointment against Canelo.

According to Forbes, the Mexican boxer has a fortune that far exceeds 140 million dollars. Amount that will continue to expand because Canelo does not stop.

Again, his victory against the Englishman keeps him as the great reference in boxing and the rival to beat.

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