Boxing: Scar de la Hoya’s blow to Canelo lvarez: “He’s strong but power doesn’t win fights, he’s a Ricardo Mayorga”

Oscar de la Hoya continues with his attacks against Canelo lvarez. .

scar de la hoya continues with his criticism of Sal ‘Canelo’ lvarez. The former promoter of the tapato spoke about his qualities, but He pointed out that his strength is not always critical to ensuring a fight.

The ‘Golden Boy’ I remembered the confrontation against Floyd Mayweather And although he pointed out that Álvarez has evolved, he asserts that it requires working on his intelligence. In addition he couldn’t help but compare him to his old rival Ricardo Mayorga.

“I think Canelo is like a Mayorga, he is strong, he is strong like an ox, but strong he does not win fights, and Floyd Mayweather showed it when he faced him in 2013. Hitting power doesn’t win fights “; mention to

He ensured that the experience inside the ring makes that the fighters can read the movements and combinations, no matter how powerful they may seem: “All fighters progress and learn some tricks here and there. I think he has more hitting power, Canelo is stronger. But again, power doesn’t win fights when you’re there. With an elite fighter like Floyd, like me, someone who can see the blows coming “; sentenced.

The former champion is preparing his return to the ring. On September 11 he will fight Vitor Belfort in what will be an exhibition match. He has subsequently announced plans to get in the ring against Anderson Silva.

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