Boxing: Logan Paul takes on the Gronkowski brothers and leaves Rob impressed

The Gronk brothers confront Logan Paul.

Logan Paul continues to prepare to face Floyd Mayweather, but before he decided to face some special rivals, the Gronkowski brothers, who were encouraged to get into the ring and even managed to connect to the YouTuber.

In a video shared by the account of the Gronk can be seen Logan fight Glenn, Dan, Chris and Gordie, while Rob stayed out to avoid any injuries that would cost him the season with the Bucs, but I took the opportunity to be a referee.

In an interview with TMZ, Logran said he was impressed by the weight and height of the brothers and the good athletes that they were.

“They are huge. I’m fucking 6’2 feet, 200 pounds and I walk in there and all of Rob’s brothers are on top of me! They are all taller than me vertically, they are all wider than me horizontally. These are huge humans! “

The Gronks had the training session of box and then prepare to face Logan in a ring.

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