Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather to launch NFT

Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather plans to join the NFTs craze by launching his digital collection on May 26 before his fight with Logan Paul.

NFTs will be released on May 26

Before his next fight with youtuber Logan Paul, boxing legend Floyd Mayweather will launch his own NFTs. With unique pieces, the exclusive collection honors Mayweather’s legacy in life and sport. After winning major titles in various weight classes, Floyd remained undefeated throughout his professional career.

The NFTs will be a collection of rare artwork, videos and memorabilia available to boxing enthusiasts and NFT collectors around the world. IronBend has combined forces with Reality Gaming Group and Zytara Labs to launch the non-expendable tokens. Al Burgio, founder and CEO of Zytara Labs, said: “There will be 5 parts of the NFT digital collection, including a rare one.”

Mayweather, the self-proclaimed TBE (“The Best Ever”), speaking about the initiative said:

“I started from scratch and did everything possible to achieve my career. I think that’s the American dream. I don’t consider myself a celebrity, but an icon who has succeeded. My name will always endure because of the things I did and the mark I left on the sport. These digital collections give everyone the opportunity to become part of the Mayweather legacy. ”

“Now my career is over, but my name will always exist because of the things I have done, the legacy and the mark I left on the sport,” added Mayweather.

Although it is unclear which blockchain network the NFTs would be built on or in which market they will be sold, Burgio said that such information will be revealed before the sale on May 26.

Cryptocurrencies will facilitate NFTs

The NFTs will go on sale on May 26, days before Mayweather’s fight with Paul, on June 6. Floyd “Money” Mayweather returns from retirement with a career-high 50 wins to face the young YouTube influencer who has more than 20 million subscribers, but has only competed in one professional boxing match, losing to him. British youtuber and rapper KSI.

“As anticipation for the event grows, this installment of NFT will offer rare and must-have digital collectibles for both NFT collectors and die-hard Floyd Mayweather fans around the world,” a statement said. “Officially licensed content will be of the highest quality. Fans can safely collect limited edition products and ensure they will have a unique piece of Floyd Mayweather’s legacy, ”said Reality Gaming CEO Morten Rongaard.

Mayweather’s NFT initiative comes more than two years after it reached an agreement with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on ICO promotions. Mayweather had to pay a fine of more than $ 600,000 because he did not disclose that he was paying to promote ICOs.

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