Boxing: Lawsuit against Manny Pacquiao could stop the fight against Errol Spence Jr

Manny Pacquiao is sued for breach of contract. AP

The company representing Conor McGregor could get in trouble Manny Pacquiao. The Filipino boxer was sued for breach of contract and now his fight before Errol Spence could be at risk.

Paradigm Sports Management filed a civil lawsuit in Orange County alleging that Pacman breached his contract by negotiating his fight against Spece without his consent and is that the company had the exclusive rights to the next two fights of the former champion.

According to information from ESPN, the company’s lawyer claims they negotiated with Pacquiao and they even gave him a contractual advance of $ 3.3 million that he has refused to repay.

This multi-million dollar lawsuit would also have a court order to prevent Pacman from facing Spence on Aug. 21 in Las Vegas.

Paradigm Sports’ lawsuit against me is without merit. I have an absolute right under the agreement with Paradigm to participate in the next fight with Errol Spence. If this frivolous lawsuit continues, it will be proven that I am right in court. “ Pacquiao said in a statement.

For his part, the attorney for the The company mentioned that it did not comply with what was said in the contract signed with them.

Pacquiao knew very well that Paradigm had the exclusive rights to schedule your next two immediate fights. However, in bad faith and material breach of the contracts of the parties, Pacquiao, From the information and belief, he had surreptitiously entered into a contract to fight Spence. “

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