Boxing: How much money did Floyd Mayweather make from fighting Logan Paul?

The Maywather vs Paul disappoints in the PPV and Money is far from winning the 100 million .

Although the fight between the boxing legend, Floyd mayweather jr. and the youtuber Logan paul, was predicted as one of the most watched exhibition fights, this was not the case. Well, an expert assures that it was collectedonly 650,000 thousand dollars for him Pay per event on USA.

Because of this, the still undefeated Floyd is unlikely to get the $ 100 million that he thought he would take for fighting the eldest of the Paul brothers. Mayweather had claimed that he would win the entire purse, while Logan I know would take 26 million, this when the PPV figures were calculated.

The American journalist, Dave Meltzer, calculated that the PPV did not sell as expected, so only Floyd will take, as he has the right to take 50% of the profits would bag $ 16 million, as it is reported that it was only sold between 600 and 650 thousand dollars.

Mayweather returned to a boxing match after failing to do so since 2018, and is still undefeated when deciding as a draw in his battle against Logan paul, which was widely criticized by fans of boxing.

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