Boxing: Did Mayweather help keep Logan Paul from falling after knocking him out?

This is the moment when it looked like they had knocked out Paul .

One of the most controversial fights was the one that generated the contest between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul. Despite what was previously spoken by the Paul brothers and those who defended him, the reality of the fight was a complete dominance on the part of “Money”.

Even though the fight did not have judges, if there could be knockouts during the contest. One of the most controversial moments of the fight came at the end of the last of the eight rounds.

To the surprise of many or few, “Maverick” had endured the entire fight against Mayweather. He had even been able to land a few unhuman punches from the 44-year-old boxer. At the end of the last episode, Floyd landed a blow that looked like it was going to knock Paul down but eventually Mayweather seemed to grab Paul in his arms to keep him from falling to the mat.

Finally, the fight ended without an official winner. Mayweather after the contest stated the following: “He’s better than I thought he would be … Good job. This was fun.” Then it was Logan who said, “Being here with one of the greatest fighters of all time shows you can beat the odds … Thank you for allowing me to fight you. “

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