Boxing: David Benavidez’s father attacks Canelo and suggests doping: “Suddenly he became Superman”

David Benavidez’s father to Canelo lvarez on doping: “Suddenly it was Superman.” AP

David Benavidez could become one of Sal ‘Canelo’ lvarez’s next rivals, inside the super middleweight. During the last few weeks, the environment of the former champion has tried to heat up a possible rivalry With the cover and now Benavidez’s father has launched a harsh criticism against the best pound for pound.

During an interview for AKHi TV, Jos Benavidez, recalled the clenbuterol case for which Álvarez was sanctioned in 2018. Besides that suggested a possible doping of the boxing star nowadays.

“For me there are some doubts. Canelo suddenly became Superman. I mean that He’s been caught on steroids before. He looks more marked and strong “; Benavidez mentioned.

But the criticism did not stop there, the boxer’s father alleged that there could even be doping situations within the Canelo Team What Eddy Reynoso trains: “Everyone there looks like monsters. Look at Scar Valdez, he looked like an animal against Berchelt. But something is going on there, “he added.

Finally, he decided that his son could be the only one who manages to stop Sal’s great moment and it will be a real fight for all boxing fans: “David will give the fans a great fight and Canelo will be in trouble, on or off steroids. We’re going to try to beat him, I’m not saying we’re going to beat him. “

In April 2018 Sal Álvarez had received a suspension by the Nevada Athletic Commission, after the Mexican tested positive for clenbuterol. However, he was acquitted because it was found that the ingestion was involuntary.