Boxing: Brothers Logan and Jake Paul joke about making a fight to find out who is the best

Jake Paul and his brother Logan say they are pioneers in a new form of entertainment with boxing. Mtchroom Boxing / Getty images

Logan Paul will return to the ring for an exhibition match against Floyd Mayweather. While his brother Jake Paul is still looking for a new rival after having faced Ben Askren and strike him down in one round. However, the brothers do not close the doors to a possible confrontation to test their skills.

During an interview for Max Kellerman, YouTube stars borne with the possibility of donning the gloves very soon for a fight. They even limited themselves to saying who was better.

After Logan asked ‘Problem Child’ about who was better, they avoided the answer. However, When he questioned whether he could beat him in a match, he simply replied, “I guess.”

While in connection with a PPV success, Logan assured: “We have never had a real physical combat. I think Jake and I we pride ourselves on pioneering this and in the end we do important things that no one has ever done. I have to find out what we do on a pay-per-view against each other “; manifest.

Jake paul He is banned from the fight against Mayweather and his brother, this after he starred in a brawl that almost ended in a pitched battle. On the other hand, both have ensured that they have private security after what happened.

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