Boxe : What fans are saying: Canelo-Yildirim, Berchelt-Valdez, Reynoso tattoo and Castaño-Charlo

Welcome to the audio version of the hot boxing superchat without a filter on Bernardo Pilatti Official. With four topics and the answer to almost 30 questions from fans about the four topics of the superchat and other controversial issues, such as, for example, the fear or not fear of those who avoid Chihuas Rodríguez.


04:41 = Are there expectations to see Canelo vs. Yildirim?

11:02 = Charlo vs. Castaño: Castaño’s chances against Charlo

15:15 = Yildirim’s chances against Canelo What to expect from Turco?

18:24 = Canelo’s limits and his place in Mexican boxing

20:59 = Berchelt against Teofimo after Valdez? Or not?

24:46 = What fight should Castaño make against Charlo?

26:59 = Eddy Reynoso’s tattoo and the inexplicable omission to justify it

33:27 = Is Yildirim dangerous as Joel Díaz insists?

36:30 = If Yildirim reaches the eighth round, will it be Canelo’s failure?

38:22 = Canelo, Berchelt and the VADA program

42:31 = Investigative journalism and complaint journalism

45:54 = Berchelt vs. Valdez, dehydration, jaws, COVID, and other matching or unbalanced factors

49:36 = Canelo and Reynoso’s mistake admitting that they won’t fight again at 175 pounds?

51:59 = Why is it a mistake for Eddy Reynoso to be a manager-coach and how Alfredo Caballero is taking advantage of it

01:00 = What about the Chihuas? ْ Until when will it be avoided and when will that mandatory fight against Ioka for the WBO title be?