Boxe : WBO Kids Drug Free positively impacted the town of Canóvanas

Canóvanas, PUERTO RICO – The World Boxing Organization (WBO), chaired by Lcdo. Francisco ‘Paco’ Valcárcel and under his renowned world program ‘WBO Kids Drug Free’, visited the town of Canóvanas to donate boxing equipment to the municipal gym, located in the Carlos Miguel Mangual Coliseum.

The gym received varied boxing equipment suitable for all ages, which includes gloves of different sizes, protective masks, bags, pear, equipment directed for coaches, remodeling of the ring, among other sports items to obtain the best possible performance.

“Thank you to the Mayor for supporting boxing and I wanted to thank her for her commitment to the sport. As a gesture from us to the residents of Canóvanas and the rest of the area, we give these teams to them so they know that they can count on us to promote sport. We know how difficult it is to get funds through the government for sports and the idea is to be able to help, ”said Francisco Valcárcel.

The honorable mayor of Canóvanas, Lorna Soto, stressed that, “Paco has a goal, a vision to bring the sport of boxing to all corners of this beautiful island and the most important thing is that we have always counted on him. After Hurricane María, earthquakes and the pandemic, we wanted to repair this center, but we have had a difficult four-year period due to these situations, but Puerto Ricans do not have to sit back and we have shown that we are stronger. “

The activity was attended by the WBO 108-pound Latin champion René Santiago, the manager Márgaro Cruz, coaches and community leaders Jesús ‘Chuito’ Ayala, Marcos Osorio and Pedro Calderón. For the WBO, apart from Valcárcel, the Deputy Director of the Championships Committee, Atty. Enrique Mendoza, the legal advisor Atty. Gustavo Olivieri and the Secretary Lcdo. Alfredo Rodríguez.

‘WBO Kids Drug Free’ is an international program aimed at children and young people with the aim of carrying a message of prevention of drug use and motivating them to continue in their studies, using sport as a tool to keep on track, as well as to support causes aimed at those most in need in order to help them obtain a better quality of life.

Photos: Víctor Planas / WBO