Boxe : WBO and DRD meet with local promoters to work for boxing in Puerto Rico

The founding president of the World Boxing Organization (WBO), Luis Batista Salas, and the current president of that regulatory body, Francisco ‘Paco’ Valcárcel Mulero, led a conclave last Tuesday between the main boxing figures in Puerto Rico to discuss with the nominated Secretary of Recreation and Sports (DRD) Ray Quiñones Vázquez, the future of this industry at the island level.

The OMB lawyer, Gustavo Olivieri Miranda, was also present at the meeting. For the DRD, Quiñones and the agency’s legal advisor, Raúl Santiago, participated. Promoters Raúl Pastrana (Spartan Boxing), Bryan Pérez and Héctor Soto (Miguel Cotto Promotions), Peter and Iván Rivera (Puerto Rico Best Boxing) and Javier Bustillo (Universal Promotions), and the president of the Puerto Rican Federation of Amateur Boxing, José Laureano completed their enrollment at the meeting held at the DRD headquarters in Santurce.

“The meeting was called by the WBO and based on what was discussed, we can predict that Puerto Rico’s professional boxing begins a new post-COVID-19 stage in search of returning to its international position as one of the most important jurisdictions in the world. This will be achieved through, in part, the monthly celebration of first-rate billboards (in Puerto Rico), ”stated Mr. Batista Salas. “The participants pledged to join forces to meet this goal.” Those present at the meeting also expressed their unanimous support for the appointment of Quiñones as Secretary of Recreation and Sports.

“We hope that the Senate of Puerto Rico will act promptly in relation to this appointment to continue efforts for the benefit of professional boxing in Puerto Rico,” added Batista Salas.

For his part, Quiñones Vázquez indicated that “for me it was of the utmost importance to be able to carry out this meeting and let them know my intentions with sport in general.”

Fernando Gaztambide