Boxe : Valdez came out with his arm raised against all the forecasts

Art Joe Serrat

By Jaime Estrada

The super featherweight championship fight was a disappointment to the odds experts, because Oscar Valdez entering the ring underprivileged 3-on-1 made a perfect fight won rounds early on with a fearless left-hander who frequently crashed to the face. by Miguel Barchelt whose nose was soon stained red. The bets had started with “Alacrán” a 4-1 favorite but when he saw him at the weigh-in somewhat dehydrated and gaining 16 pounds in time to enter the ring, the money went to Valdez who said that not even his idol Julio César Chávez believed he was going to win and that of advice to all young people is that nobody tell them what they can do and what not, and he said that he always had the thorn to beat Berchelt who not even with the president’s blessing was enough to dominate the fierce Oscar who started cutting the gap , changing stance, avoiding and putting his left foot into effect showing who was the fastest with his fists. Miguel took back the helm of the ring cut, harassing but very limited to throwing his classic grenades in bulk, some attribute that he never fully recovered from the side effects of Covid-19 and on the other side of the amount, Valdez with the reputation of rising with a broken jaw and even broken ribs and take the victory before other opponents. In the fourth round Oscar hit two shots to the head of Miguel who staggered and everything seemed that the sanse would come to an end but he took courage from his soul and before a batch of aerolites of all colors and flavors he was able to finish the round and although he still entered with his legs lazy in the fifth round he managed to make the fight more interesting. The sixth round Berchelt with a second wind constantly harassed shooting at close range and Oscar was confused but without panic he did what he had to do to get out of trouble, and the seventh round was similar, but Oscar again with aim he put several shots at point-blank range but the Cancun man was not willing to give up the square yet. Valdez continued with the guide to wreak havoc with a left-handed foot that continued like a fleeting ray and in the ninth round “El Alacrán” went to the canvas again and it was already suspected that he was very injured, he himself confessed it in his corner and the I referred warned that if he did not defend himself he would stop the contest. And what everyone feared came, because Oscar already master and lord of the 16 strings was punishing a Berchelt at will who no longer felt very sure of victory and at the end of the tenth round he succumbed without remedy face to face with Valdez’s favorite weapon; the left hook. The new monarch who scored 39 more forceful blows than Miguel claimed that he will take a break away from the MGM bubble and after a few days will be ready to negotiate against his first rival to defend his super featherweight crown from the World Boxing Council. This time the myth that when two warriors face each other in a war, the greatest comes out ahead. Oscar was guided to a spectacular victory.