Boxe : Result of the fight of Miguel ‘El Alacran’ Berchelt vs Oscar Valdez

Oscar Valdez (29-0, 23 KOs) beat the odds to defeat the WBC super featherweight champion Miguel ‘El Alacran’ Berchelt (37-2, 33 KOs) for a shocking 10th round knockout of their fight in the main event.

The 29-year-old Valdez used his speed and skill advantage to wear down Berchelt and knock him down in the ninth and tenth rounds. The end came with Valdez knocking Berchelt down with a left shot that knocked him down.

The event took place at the MGM Grand inside Bubble in Las Vegas, Nevada.

From the first round, Valdez used his superior boxing skills to beat Berchelt.. Then, in the fourth round, Valdez hurt Berchelt with a big left hook to the head that caused him to lose his legs and trip over the ropes. Referee Russell Mora credited Valdez for a fall because the ropes have prevented Berchelt from falling.

After the fourth, Berchelt still looked shaky in the fifth and was nailed with many hard shots from Valdez that he ate.

However, it appeared that Valdez had spent a bit after the fifth round, and that allowed the bigger, slower Berchelt to use his superior size to get ahead and throw hooks to outpace Valdez in rounds six through eight.

Valdez did a good job of tying up Berchelt to block his offense in those rounds, and he counted it frequently.

In the ninth, Valdez looked like he was completely full and dived hard to leave Berchelt.

After that round, it was obvious that Berchelt needed a miracle in order to get through another round, as he was taking too much punishment. Effectively, Valdez knocked out Berchelt in the 10th round with a peach from a left hook to the head.

The writing was on the wall from the start that Berchelt was going to have trouble for this fight when he ate and drank fluids like it was going out of style last Friday after the weigh-in.

Berchelt looked visibly exhausted at the weigh-in, and it was obvious that he had lost too much weight in water. Even after weighing in while being interviewed, he was too thin and haggard. He’s been having a hard time hitting the 130-pound limit, and it can be argued that he should have gone up to 135 a while ago.

Tonight, Berchelt finally paid the price for staying in a weight class that his body has overcome. He needs to get up to lightweight before he gets hit again.

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