Boxe : Papeschi and Leal new Argentine champions on the night of Madariaga

Papeschi (left) took revenge on Cóceres (right) in General Madariaga. Photo: Ramón Cairo (ABP)

The Buenos Aires-born Sebastián “La Promesa” Papeschi (76,800) was consecrated Argentine super middleweight alternative champion by beating on points, in a split decision and after 10 rounds, Marcelo Cóceres (76,600) from Entre Ríos in one of the stellar fights of the function developed on Saturday January 23 at the Eva Perón Sports Center in General Madariaga (Buenos Aires) in another promotion of Sampson Boxing and Tello Box.

In this way, the Luján-born boxer took revenge on the Entrepreneur based in Quilmes, who had defeated him, also by decision, on November 13 of last year in Luis Guillón (Bs.As).

Thus, Cóceres (29-2-1, 15 KO, representative of Argentina Boxing Promotions, by Mario Margossián) and Papeschi (16-3-0, 6 KO, backed by Sampson / Tello) leave the saga open so that there will be a third clash and another crossover between promoter companies that aim to enhance Argentine boxing and the TyC Sports screen, although the resolution of the Argentine Boxing Federation regarding the current regular champion, Ramón Lovera, is awaited.

The fight was engaging and very even, similar to that of Luis Guillón. Cóceres, with a better technical line, perished to break the lawsuit when in the third round, with a powerful forehand cross, he sent “La Promesa” to the ground.

The same thing happened in the first match, only that time Papeschi visited the canvas in the second episode.

Although on this occasion, the final result was different since, with a lot of heart and pressure, the Lujanense never let up in his ambition, being able to balance and unbalance in the closing rounds since his determination added a better physical state than the Entre Ríos .

The judges ruled as follows: 97-92 for Papeschi (Maximiliano Dolce), 95.5-94.5 for Cóceres (Guillermo Armani) and 96-93 for Papeschi (Alejandro Bokser). Gerardo Poggi refereed.

In the other background fight, the Buenos Aires Juan Hernán Leal (66,200 and 12-1-0, 4 KO) obtained the national welterweight title, which was vacant, by overcoming by unanimous verdict in 10 turns, the always difficult Buenos Aires Alfredo Rodolfo White (66,200 and 21-9-0, 11 KO).

Marcelo Domínguez’s pupil won the Argentine title, having to exert all his resources against the heterodox Blanco, who complicated at all times, although his boxing did not reach him before the greater precision of Leal’s blows.

The cards were the following: 97-93 (Guillermo Armani), 96-94 (Alejandro Bokser) and 97-93 (Maximiliano Dolce). It was referee Cesáreo Morales.

In the main complementary lawsuit, the Santa Fe Alexis Sicilia (54,900) took out the undefeated Dominican based in Necochea, José Alberto Arias (55,600), by beating him on points (unanimous failure) in six laps.

The rest of the results:

Gonzalo Roldán (108,400) GKOT 1 to Richard Gauna (99,200)

Francisco Olguín (64,300) GKOT 4 to William Cuevas (63,600)

Santiago Fernández (72,800) GKO 1 to Marco Narváez (72,800).

Sampson Boxing / Tello Box Press