Boxe : Due to heavy snowfalls they postpone function in Ciudad Acuña

Heavy snow forces businessman Héctor Sánchez Arredondo to postpone boxing function.


Due to the bad weather that prevails in the north of the Mexican Republic, the company Eventos Especiales Rocky (EER), chaired by businessman Héctor Sánchez Arredondo, was forced to postpone the function that was scheduled for this Saturday at the Hotel Villa Real in Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila.

Due to the intense snow storms that have been registered since the early hours of Thursday in the Coahuila municipalities of Ciudad Acuña and Piedras Negras, as well as in the Texas county of Del Río, with an accumulation of half a meter of snow, which caused the cut of electricity supply and road closures, Special Events Rocky decided to postpone the card for this Saturday, whose main fight is headed by local boxer Alex “Gato” Zuñiga, who will face David Banda Leal, eight rounds at welterweight.

The undercard that will have as a semi-star contest, which will star the spectacular fighter from Monterrey Jaret “Domador” González, against the Mexican Héctor García Dolores, for the Fedelatin championship of the World Boxing Association (WBA, for its acronym in English), of weight pen, agreed to eight episodes, will be postponed to next March 6.


In a women’s lawsuit, the capital Isis Tikal Vargas Pérez will jump to the string in pursuit of a resounding triumph, which will allow her to head towards the dispute of a world championship, when measuring herself to the Coahuilense Alejandra Hernández, four rounds at an agreed weight of 53,000 kilograms.


In a rematch duel, American Cristopher McCoy will face local boxer Jesús “Pecas” Salinas, four rounds at super lightweight.

Texan Roberto Garcia will fight six rounds at a weight of 66,000 kilograms, against Gomezpalatino Jesús “Chuta” Reyes.

The boxer from Dallas, Texas, Jesús Velázquez Jr. will face Juan Manuel Hernández from Coahuila, six episodes in a weight of 60,000 kilograms.

The also American Chaise Nelson will fight six rounds in an agreed weight of 57,500 kilograms, against Miguel “Ito” Martínez.

American D’Angelo Keyes will meet Ernesto Granados from Coahuila, eight rounds in superlight.

Texan Jaylon Staley will face Coahuila, Sebastián Olguín, four rounds at super middleweight.

Also Texan Patrick Smith will fight Enrique Esparza from Durango, four turns at welterweight.

The native of Dallas, Texas, José Acosta will face the local Francisco Trinidad.