Boxe : De La Hoya gives advice to today’s boxers

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Hall of Fame boxer and top promoter Oscar De La Hoya has been one of the most influential personalities in the sport and a transcendent figure in every respect. This weekend, the website published an interview with the Golden Boy, in which he spoke about important issues related to boxing and his career, with special emphasis on the current state of the discipline and the advice that would give the fighters. .

“The advice I give you, which I think is the most important, is not positive, but negative, because it is the most valuable. For example, the easiest and the most difficult at the same time: ‘take care of your money, don’t do this, invest, don’t spend your money like crazy, don’t buy cars, invest well’. These are tips for them to learn, to grow as people, because I can tell them things about boxing: ‘train hard, always give one hundred percent’, but anyone can give. Other tips are worth more to me. They must grow, they must have wisdom, they must learn to live because that will last a lifetime, boxing does not last long. Good boxers and good people too, ”De La Hoya said.

“If you win a million dollars in a fight, you only get half of the general expenses. You have half a million. If you go to buy a car, you’ve already lost a hundred thousand, you have 400 left. If you give something to your manager, your coach, your people, you lose another hundred thousand … And if you want to buy a watch, or other things, you One hundred thousand less… When you realize it, you have nothing left, ”he said.

The president of Golden Boy Promotions also spoke about the creation of boxing figures and recalled how new world-class fighters have always emerged. He spoke of the end times and how Mayweather and Pacquiao shook the world, while years later Canelo arrived. He also assured that today there is enough young talent to have important quality fighters.

However, the “Golden Boy” pointed out that more work is needed: “There are many people who can contribute so that boxing has more projection. Sometimes we need people to put in money, a lot of money, but we also need coaches to do their part, boxers to do their part. Everyone is needed to do their part ”.

De La Hoya also spoke about great issues such as his beginnings, the influence of his coaches and how he handled the comments after his victory against Julio César Chávez in a great and complete interview.