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“Young figures”

Daneff-Gerbaldo and Andino-Tejada in weight for big night

Saturday, November 28, 9:00 p.m. TyC Sports: 11:30 p.m.

Club Atlético, Social y Deportivo Camioneros (Sports Complex).

Route of Tradition 6300, Luis Guillón, Buenos Aires

An action-packed night with young champions and promising prospects comes from the hand of Argentina Boxing Promotions by TyC Sports. The Latin lightweight champion of the World Boxing Council (WBC), the rising Buenos Aires Claudio “Chaíto” Daneff, will face the tall cordovan Agustín Gerbaldo Kucharski, in dispute for the Latin WBC superlightweight title, which is vacant, in the stellar fight of the evening that will take place this Saturday, November 28, at the Sports Complex of the Club Atlético, Social y Deportivo Camioneros, located in Ruta de la Tradition 6300, Luis Guillón, province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, in a new production of Argentina Boxing Promotions, from Mario margossian, which will be broadcast live through TyC Sports from 23:30, for Argentina and all of America.

In the semistellar combat of the night, the Buenos Aires stylist Nicolás “The Elegant” Andean will face the undefeated Chubut Andrés “Canelito” Tejada, in a confrontation framed in the welterweight category and at the distance of eight rounds.

It will be the third event of the expected return of boxing in Argentina since the emergence of the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, and will be in charge of the same company that promoted the return to boxing activity in the country on October 30 and its continuity on November 13, both on the same stage, and the same promoter who also performed the last boxing show in the pre-pandemic country, on March 13 at the Argentine Boxing Federation (FAB). After months of hard and silent work, the sport of fists not only had its long-awaited resumption but it is held in a responsible and safe way, in an evening behind closed doors for the public, and will have the strictest security controls following to the letter the health protocols, issued by the national and municipal health authorities, as well as by the FAB.

On Friday afternoon, all the protagonists underwent the Coronavirus COVID-19 test, in a strict control developed at the stadium of the Argentine Boxing Federation (FAB), and all of them gave a negative result, so they were enabled to fight . Once completed, the weighing ceremony was held.

In a clash that is expected to be compelling, Daneff (10-1-1, 7 KOs), current No. 3 in the Argentine lightweight ranking, considered one of the division’s welcome appearances, will be looking for another strong performance. The one born in Cañuelas 24 years ago, who has left practically every opponent on the road only by giving up his undefeated in a tight failure against the Buenos Aires Nicolás Andino, after five categorical definitions in a row, including two on the Buenos Aires Brian Laguna, the Santa Fe Pablo Monzón and Diego Tejerina from Santeño, on June 28, 2019, dominated Miguel Antín from Rio Negro in a unanimous ruling and conquered the Latin CMB scepter in the city of Buenos Aires, and on January 11th he will pulverize Leonardo Ortega from Cordoba in a round in Mar del Plata. Now he will meet Gerbaldo Kucharski (6-1-1-1 sd, 1 KO), born in Córdoba capital 23 years ago, with a striking height of 1.85 m. Nicolás Herrera, giving up his unbeaten position as a visitor to Sergio Rosalez from Santiago, returned to Santiago del Estero where he equaled with the sought-after and undefeated local Hugo Roldán, and on January 18, surpassing Michel Cabral from Pampas in a unanimous ruling in Pinamar, Buenos Aires , at his first starting opportunity.

The first was Daneff, who weighed 62,800 kg.138.4 lbs.-. After that, Gerbaldo Kucharski registry 62,700 kg.138.2 lbs.-.

The authorities designated by the FAB are: the referee will be Gustavo Tomás. The judges will be Javier Geido, Jorge Gorini and Alejandro Bokser. The supervisor will be Jesuán Letizia.


Beyond the title duel, an attractive program completes the card. In an interesting semi-background match, the Buenos Aires stylist Nicolás “The Elegant” Andean (13-1, 2 KOs) will face the undefeated Chubut Andrés “Canelito” Tejada (8-0-2, 2 KOs), in a confrontation framed in the welterweight category and at the distance of eight rounds.

Both Andino and Tejada stopped the scale at 66,450 kg.

Andino, born in Florida 25 years ago and based in Villa Caraza, No. 6 of the Argentine superlight ranking, of exquisite ability that has allowed him to surpass, among others, the Buenos Aires Claudio Daneff, Cristian Calullerovich, Antonio Santillán, Sebastián Chaves, Marcelo Mesa, Julio Ruiz, the Mendoza Jonathan Arena, the Salta Diego Tejerina and Gustavo Reales, arrived on February 21 to give up their undefeated against the Buenos Aires Daniel Córdoba in a tight unanimous decision for the Argentine title in the city of Buenos Aires. Now he will face the unbeaten Tejada, a 26-year-old native of Puerto Madryn, but a resident of Angaco, San Juan, winner of the Buenos Aires Jonathan Sosa and Matías García, and who comes from March 15, 2019 to arrest the Buenos Aires Nelson Castel in the third episode in San Juan capital.

On the other hand, in the main complementary combat, the Buenos Aires Jesus “Chechu” Daneff (8-3-2, 3 KOs), No. 10 in the Argentine lightweight ranking, will face the porteño Daniel “The Problem” Combi (6-3, 1 KO), in the lightweight category, six rounds.

Daneff registered 60,950 kg., While Combi registered 61 kg.

Finally, in another attraction of the night framed in the welterweight division, the undefeated Buenos Aires Dorian “El Arevido” Maidana (5-0, 3 KOs) will collide with the Buenos Aires Sebastian Chaves (4-1, 1 KO), to six chapters.

Both Maidana and Chaves charged 64,200 kg.

Vacant WBC Latino Superlight Title – 10 Rounds

Claudio Gabriel “Chaíto” Daneff



Born on June 17, 1996 (24 years)

in Cañuelas, Buenos Aires.

Record: 10-1-1, 7 KOs

Last fight: 01/11/20 GKOT 1 to Leonardo Ortega,

in Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires.

62,800 kg.

Agustín Ezequias Gerbaldo Kucharski


Born on December 31, 1996 (23 years old)

in Córdoba, Córdoba, based in Villa Santa Cruz del Lago, Córdoba.

Record: 6-1-1-1 sd, 1 KO

Last fight: 01/18/20 GP 6 to Michel Cabral,

in Pinamar, Buenos Aires.

62,700 kg.

Welterweight category – 8 rounds

Christian Nicolás “The Elegant” Andino


Born on April 15, 1995 (25 years)

in Florida, based in Villa Caraza, Buenos Aires.

Record: 13-1, 2 KOs

Last fight: 02/21/20 PP 10 against Daniel Córdoba,

In Buenos Aires city.

66,450 kg.

Andrés Ramón “Canelito” Tejada

Born on April 2, 1994 (age 26)

in Puerto Madryn, Chubut, resident in Angaco, San Juan.

Record: 8-0-2, 2 KOs

Last fight: 03/15/19 GKOT 3 to Nelson Castel,

in San Juan, San Juan.

66,450 kg.

Light category – 6 rounds

Jesús Adrián “Chechu” Daneff


Born on October 25, 1994 (26 years)

in Cañuelas, Buenos Aires.

Record: 8-3-2, 3 KOs

Last fight: 02/21/20 GP 4 to Sergio Quintana,

In Buenos Aires city.

60,950 kg.

Daniel Alexander “The Problem” Combi

Born on October 14, 1992 (28 years)

in the city of Buenos Aires, resident in La Matanza, Buenos Aires.

Record: 6-3, 1 KO

Last fight: 11/23/19 PKOT 2 against Gerardo Pérez,

in Ramos Mejía, Buenos Aires.

61 kg.

Welterweight category – 6 rounds

Dorian Jean Piero “El Arevido” Maidana

Born on August 25, 1997 (23 years)

in Villa Albertina, based in Villa Lynch, Buenos Aires.

Record: 5-0, 3 KOs

Last fight: 12/27/19 GKOT 3 to Alan Gauna,

In Buenos Aires city.

64,200 kg.

Sebastian Gabriel Chaves

Born on May 28, 1994 (26 years)

in San Miguel, based in General Belgrano, Buenos Aires.

Record: 4-1, 1 KO

Last fight: 6/7/19 GP 4 to Angelo Zappi,

in Cutral Có, Neuquén.

64,200 kg.

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