Boxe : Berchelt vs. Valdez reminds me of Morales vs. Barrier

This Saturday we will have one of the best fights of 2021, after having a 2020 where boxing (due to the pandemic) was very limited. This year is coming big for what the outlook looks like. Morales vs. Barreras marked a stage in the world of boxing, that to this day, talking about that trilogy is an honor to recognize those memorable, effusive, and electrifying fights that those two glories of Mexican boxing gave us.

This Saturday, without fear of being wrong, we will see a combat worthy of appreciation from these two Mexican warriors. I remember when Morales and Barreras were going to fight, people always had their favorite, but the main focus was that they knew they were going to see a non-stop war over the ring.

Berchelt and Valdez, seeking to continue adding great memorable fights to Mexican boxing, facing each other at the best moment of their careers, where today some boxers are looking for easier or more comfortable fights (so to speak), than to leave a memorable legacy in the fanatic memory. Settle your armchair in front of the television, which 2021 seems to be a memorable one in the boxing world, and this Saturday begins.

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