Óscar Valdez silenced his critics and those who doubted that he could defeat Miguel “el Alacrán” Berchelt after the knockout he gave his opponent and placed him as the new super featherweight champion of the World Boxing Council.

As soon as the referee Rusell Mora took him by the arm to give him the winner, Valdez put one of his index fingers over his mouth to make the gesture of keeping silence, something that was dedicated to all those who thought that the Alacrán would win easily.

“I said before that there is nothing better than shutting up people who do not believe in me,” he commented in an interview that was broadcast by the Space channel at the end of the fight, euphoric by the great result he had obtained.

Immediately, a little more equanimous, he recalled that when you work hard, successes must come, regardless of the comments that may be given as happened before their fight, since Alacrán was placed as a clear favorite to take the victory.

Finally, he pointed out that it was time to give thanks to all the people who encouraged him, especially to Eddy Reynoso, his manager, and also to his family.