Boxe : Alfonso Gómez and his battle cry, will there be a rebellion of dehydrated and ‘Sides B’?

Canelo Álvarez faces Avni Yildirim this Saturday in a fight in which the Turk goes as a supporting actor, in the preference of bettors this time the Mexican would break all records. The denomination then of ‘fight’ is consistent for the litigation of Saturday. In other words, nobody expects a surprise and perhaps, for that reason, nobody talks this time about clauses or any other advantage in the contract in favor of Canelo.

However, it should be discussed, it should be part of the public information, whether or not there are clauses that could further decrease Yildirim’s performance. And why do we bring this issue up for debate? For three reasons.

1) Canelo comes from a controversial fight where all the controversy was centered in the thirty days granted to Callum Smith to cut weight and the certainty that he would arrive totally dehydrated to the fight.

2) This Saturday the issue of dehydration was and is the reason for discussions related to the deteriorated physical condition that Miguel Berchelt showed, in a fight where the previous weigh-in protocols ordered by the WBC were complied with.

3) In two weeks, the unification in 115 pounds is carried out between Román Chocolatito González and Juan Francisco Gallo Estrada, who have completed a long camp, have also complied with the protocol of the previous weigh-ins and will fight in absolute equality of conditions, without advantages to nowhere.

Although the fight this Saturday seems to have seen results and nobody is paying attention to possible hydration clauses, the issue is still valid. And so current is it that today in addition to the comment, we include paragraphs of some harsh statements made in 2019 by former boxer Alfonso Gómez, Canelo’s former rival, about the drama of rehydration, the advantages and abuse of Side A against Side B, the risks of life when the terms are short (as the case of Callum Smith) and those criticisms go directly against Canelo.