Bows her charms, Celia Lora enjoys the attention on her journey

Bows her charms, Celia Lora enjoys the attention on her trip (INSTAGRAM)

Bows her charms, Celia Lora enjoys the attention on her journey | INSTAGRAM

The beautiful mexican model, Celia Lora has been in charge of keeping the internet well stocked with beautiful images of her figure and this time a tipped her charms for a snapshot he captured on his journey through The Maldives while enjoying the warmth of the sun and the coolness of the pool in which he was.

So is, the young mexican He traveled to this country so luxurious and full of natural wealth to enjoy its beaches and spend a time of relaxation, but not before capturing some photos for his loyal followers, who have been very happy with the results because it looks very beautiful in all the images and especially in the one that we address today.

If you are a fan of Celia lora You will know that she is only thinking of her followers so that they are happy and that they are encouraged to subscribe to her exclusive content page in which by the way she has much more uncovered photos and videos than those we can see on her social networks.

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There have been tens of thousands of people who have come to her profile to see her photo and to comment on how beautiful she is, among other flattering comments, also congratulating her for her great work as she has not stopped striving to produce such attractive content for boarding schools.

Despite the fact that the global health contingency continues, the beautiful daughter of Alex Lora, vocalist of the legendary Mexican rock band El Tri, has decided to travel with all possible precautions to avoid any contagion and thus avoid affecting her family who by the way are at home and have had to stop their music tour for almost a year now.

Celia Lora took the opportunity to visit different places in the directions where she was, such as the restaurant of the typical chef who is well known for his way of adding salt to food and for his extravagant and excellent cuts of meat.

Thanks to this visit we were able to appreciate different images of his restaurant as well as the type of meat that is served in that place, which by the way must be quite expensive since most of the famous figures of the internet or cinema, television and music go to that place to live the experience.

Celia went to that place with an elegant dress that made her charms look the best and her fans could also appreciate how beautiful she looked.

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As we know, one of Celia Lora’s priorities is its exclusive content, so she has also advised that she is preparing some of the most incredible photos and videos, so if she has not subscribed, we recommend that you give her a chance.

In fact, she is also promoting the opportunity for Celia to record a video dedicated to those fans who ask if they are obviously subscribed, so it is more worthwhile to make the effort and pay that subscription.

The young woman has also kept her fans pampered and communicated through her Instagram stories, a very interesting section where she shares some things much more personal and close to her, as well as the promotions she carries out for companies that contact her and send her products. .

For these great reasons it would be important that if you are a fan of Celia Lora and her beauty, you give her a chance, as well as keep an eye on Show News so as not to miss any of the news about the beautiful young woman, as well as her new videos and beautiful photographs that you have prepared for all of us.