Boulaye Dia debuts with a goal in a Villarreal with defensive cracks

07/22/2021 at 11:08 PM CEST


Boulaye Dia debuted with a goal. The perfect start for a player who has come for that. But Unai Emery’s team showed defensive weaknesses that took away the victory against a good Lyon (2-2) and that they will have to correct to compete in the Super Cup against Chelsea.

Villarreal CF and Olympique de Lyon played a serious pre-season friendly, in which they tied at two goals, and in which both teams showed a good level of play.

The Spanish put more than their share to take the game, but the lack of success at the top and some imbalance in defense, prevented it.

Both teams played a first half in which they showed their punch and quality in their attacks, scoring two goals each, but they also showed that they must improve their defenses, since the two were somewhat misaligned in that plot.

The people of Castellón came out wanting to control and dominate the game, something they did more and better than their rival, arriving with danger on the left wing, in which they stood out Iosifov and Pedraza; to which was added the good work in attack of the debutante Day.

Despite receiving a goal from Luke at seven minutes, those of Emery they continued to control and easily reach the French area.

At twenty-two minutes Moi Gómez tied with a good shot from the edge of the area, thanks to a great play by Alfonso Pedraza.

The match was controlled by the yellows, but Olympique de Lyon was very dangerous against them, with a good Ekambi and a stellar Aouar.

Villarreal made the most of their dominance with a goal from Day, which took advantage of a good Pain to overtake your team.

A first part that ends with another against Ekambi and a great goal from Aouar, which put the tie at two on the scoreboard.

The second half started like the first, in which both teams generated danger and had goal options.

But it was again the yellows, who handled the weight and the rhythm of the game more and better, arriving with danger from the hand of Fer Niño and Hassan; while the French lived thanks to the cons of Dembele and Ekambi, who tried to take advantage of the few options left by the Emery.

If the people of Castellón did not take the game, it was due to the lack of success in the last meters, since by game and arrivals they deserved much more against a good Olympique Lyon, who kept their starting team almost throughout the game.

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