Miami Heat was imposed on Boston Celtics 114-117 during the first game of the Play-offs of the final of the NBA Eastern Conference. After this match, the tie is 0-1 in favor of Miami Heat.


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During the first quarter Boston Celtics He was the main leader and protagonist on the field of play, he went on to win by 13 points (24-11) and concluded with 26-18. Later, in the second quarter there were several movements on the scoreboard and the quarter ended with a partial score of 29-37. After this, the players came to rest with a 55-55 on the counter.

During the third quarter there were again several changes of leader on the scoreboard, although in the end the local team ended up distancing itself and ended with a partial result 28-16 and an 83-71 overall. Finally, during the last quarter the visiting team’s players managed to tie the game through a comeback and the quarter ended with a partial result of 23-35. After all this, the game came to the end of the quarter with a 106-106 draw between both teams, so an extension was necessary to know the winner.

During overtime there were alternations on the scoreboard and it ended with a partial result of 8-11, the final result of the match being 114-117 in favor of Miami Heat.

Much of the victory of Miami Heat was cemented from 29 points, four assists and seven rebounds of Goran dragic and the 18 points, nine assists and six rebounds of Bam Adebayo. The 30 points, five assists and 14 rebounds of Jayson tatum and the 26 points, an assist and three rebounds of Marcus Smart they were not enough for Boston Celtics won the match.

In the next game of Boston Celtics your rival will be again Miami Heat in the second meeting of the series. Follow the NBA schedule in full.