Bosch presents its artificial intelligence technologies at CES 2021

Bosch also takes a look at the new digital edition of CES 2021. The giant of components and technologies at the service of car brands has presented its novelties at the great electronics fair in Las Vegas, with artificial intelligence as its flag, applied to different fields, including also electric cars.

Bosch It has also presented its most advanced and sophisticated novelties at the 2021 edition of CES in Las Vegas. The leader in components and technologies that are used in new cars also joins the first digital edition of this great technology fair, showing the advanced possibilities that artificial intelligence allows to offer people, both in normal life and aboard a car.

Today, this technology is offered in the most luxurious models and delving into the field of human machine interfaces. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the brains of our cars learn driver and passenger habits to offer suggestions and improve on-board comfort. For example, the automatic selection of a musical track, the call to one of the telephone contacts, the selection of a temperature in the automatic climate control or a massage function of the seats.

Bosch’s advanced artificial intelligence technology extends to everyday life

Thousands of possibilities that Bosch intends to take to a new level, thanks to the “Artificial Intelligence of Things”, in which artificial intelligence and the Internet are combined. Essential parts in the new generation of control units and sensors that the firm is developing, and that will be mounted in a future generation of models. Solutions that target will cut development times and get on the road faster.

In fact, the manufacturer has developed a new generation of self-learning artificial intelligence sensors This will allow reducing the connection time to the Internet, so that it will not be necessary to use the network to analyze the monitoring of physical activity.

The «Artificial Intelligence of Things» also has interesting applications related to electric cars. The provider points to a special service called “Battery in the cloud” that, through powerful smart analysis software can help reduce battery wear by up to 20%. In the same way, specific applications for autonomous driving are also designed, applying greater security to the transmission of data from the cameras.

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