Many weeks have passed since the Adria Tour stopped making noise, although at the time nothing else was discussed. One of the players affected after that event was Borna Coric, a man who is already healthy today, has overcome the COVID-19He has even returned to play other tournaments. This past Sunday, without going any further, he was runner-up in a test held at the Janko Tipsarevic Academy. The Croatian will stay in Serbia these days preparing for the next American tour, training but also giving interviews like the one he did with Ubitennis and that today we rescue. This is how Coric reviews all the events that occurred this summer.

– Hangover from the Adria Tour

“There really was complete chaos that Monday. There was too much information at once, multiple calls, several infected people … It was difficult to read all those negative articles and comments, but you cannot pay much attention to what others say or think either. I have long accepted this philosophy as something that is part of my life and career. ”

– Reaction to your positive

“I was very surprised when they told me, especially since I didn’t have any symptoms, I didn’t even have them later. Nor fever, nothing at all. I exchanged a couple of messages with Djokovic to find out how everything was going and compare our symptoms, but as far as I know he didn’t have any either. ”

– Mandatory confinement

“I spent the first ten days in isolation with no problems, honestly. He needed a little peace of mind, being alone to get away from it all, but after that he got bored and monotonous, he didn’t know what to do. I was still training, I had the treadmill and the weights, I kept fit. In fact, with just three days of training on the track I was already physically at a good level. Normally, after two weeks standing still, I usually need about six weeks to get back into shape, but this time it was easier and I was able to train well immediately, both the first two days in Zagreb and the ten days I was in Split ”.

– Criticism of Djokovic and the tournament

“I do not like to speak to the past bull, it is not in my style and it is something that should not be done. I am very sorry that the tournament ended like this because it was a positive and humanitarian event, we were able to play tennis after a long time and we were all happy. The problem was that we were too relaxed, because until a few days before the tournament began we did not have a daily contagion. Mentally, we have given up. As for the guilt, he would not go into details or point the finger at anyone, we do not know who was the first to bring the virus and if anyone else should have been tested. “

– Nick Kyrgios, the scourge of all

“I read what he wrote but I don’t care, he liked talking too much. If it was someone who regularly lectured on the case, then they would understand, but if Kyrgios does it … it’s not realistic. But hey, it’s his style, he works like that and I have no problem about it, it doesn’t bother me personally. I agree on some things, I know that Zverev did it wrong, for example, but I don’t see the need to point out to your teammates that way. I would not, but he is Kyrgios. “

– Scheduled calendar

“The plan is to play all the tournaments, including Madrid, which begins immediately after the US Open. Even if a complication arises, it’s best to sign up for each tournament and then cancel it instead of having to ask for a wildcard later. It was expected that the ATP would cancel the tour in China and that from Madrid, until the end of the year, it would only be played in Europe ”.

– Security measures

“I have absolutely nothing against any of the security measures, I am easy from this point of view. It will be as it should be, if the rules are the same for everyone, I will have to follow them too. In my case, since I have already decided to go to the United States, it is logical that I have to respect the rules that are there waiting for me. ”