If quarantine in the tennis world is discovering anything, it is the flexibility with which tennis players spend time being interviewed. Players have much more time to give the media, not five or ten minutes, regular time in tournaments, and always in a more calm and reflective tone and context. It is what, for example, follows the talk held by ‘Ubitennis’ with Borna Coric, on a multitude of topics and for more than 40 minutes.

– Your first plans at the beginning of the pandemic.

“As soon as the pandemic started, I went to Split and rented a house in the woods where I set up my own gym. I physically worked for five weeks, playing tennis only a few times. Then I took a week off and went to Zadar, about two hours from my house in Zagreb, and I organized a two-week tennis camp. “

Coric, supporter of playing tournaments that are available.

“I am ready to play, the new rules will be tough, but I have not considered if it would be good to go to New York. It will not be perfect this year, it will be difficult to play without fans, but if we have the opportunity to play some tournaments, maybe we should do it . “

Coric explains why he has had so many coaches.

“Some of them had nothing to do with me. Some of them had family problems, with others we did not agree on what to do with my tennis. I am definitely not an easy person to work with, I always seek perfection. On the other hand, a One of the main reasons I split with Riccardo Piatti was his commitment to other players, and that he couldn’t focus on me. There were other reasons that I don’t want to reveal, but yes, he helped me a lot in my career, and it was great for me being in Bordighera, away from the distractions I have in Zagreb. “

– His promising beginnings remained stagnant.

“I am a great example of a guy who did not improve his game. I did not train well, my focus was not where it should be. Those first results distracted me, I relaxed too much, thinking that everything would come automatically. Sinner has a great team to his around you can keep it grounded and make it better. “

– On the good relationship between Serbs and Croats.

“One of my best friends on the tour, Filip Krajinovic, is Serbian. I speak to him once a week. I will go to his house in Belgrade to train for a week on July 15. I am aware of the past, I know there are many people who still think about it and can’t forget it. But I spend time with Serbs, I think they are great guys, I hope they think the same about me. “