Borja participates again in ‘Now I fall!’ nine years later and he takes 47,002 euros

Arturo Valls lived a moment of nostalgia in the presentation this Wednesday of one of the contestants of Now I fall!: “I have gotten goose bumps,” the presenter acknowledged after listening to him.

“How much I have missed you Arturo! I’ve been waiting for this moment for ten years”exclaimed Borja in his presentation. With a surprised face, the Valencian asked him: “But … Who are you?”

The contestant explained that “I participated nine years ago in a special of the program in which Santi Millán was at the center. I beat him because he forgot to use the joker and pass the question. “

“It’s true! It has given me goose bumps,” admitted Valls, who added with a laugh: “A person from the origins, and the fact is that you sound familiar to me … no.” Borja commented that “I have been waiting for ten years to see you and because I have been holding on all this time that I won because Santi Millán forgot the joker. I come to show why I won. “

The presenter wanted to know how much money he took with his victory and what he invested it in: “I won 500 euros and bought a camera. I keep using it and thanks to it I found a new hobby”commented the contestant.

Borja faced the central contestant, Carmen, whom he ended up eliminating and managed to reach the ‘final Duel’ where he managed to take, on your first day of participation and nine years later, 47,002 euros after getting all the questions right.

Arturo Valls and Borja, in ‘Now I fall!’. ATRESMEDIA