The list of 36 future new members of the upper house of the British Parliament has been revealed. Among the people decided by Boris Johnson is his brother Jo Jonhson.

Nice family gift. This Friday, July 31, the new members of the House of Lords were announced. A list whose nomination officially returns to Queen Elizabeth II but where, in fact, Boris Johnson has a big role. And the British Prime Minister has decided to give a place of Lord in the upper house of the British Parliament to … his own brother Jo Johnson. A nomination which is debated in the United Kingdom.

Jo johnson is well known to the British. A fervent pro-European activist, he had been part of the government of his older brother. But he had decided to leave this government in September 2019, citing “the national interest”. Main point of friction with his brother: Europe, and Boris Johnson’s management of Brexit deemed too radical by Jo Johnson. Beyond this basic disagreement, Jo Jonhson’s political career is almost as important as that of his brother. A member of the Conservative Party like Boris Johnson, and a former journalist, again like his brother, he sat in the House of Commons, the other house of Parliament, from 2010 to 2019. It was also Minister of State under David Cameron then Theresa May.

Jo Jonhson: a cold and austere man, far from the blunders that made his brother famous

During the Brexit crisis, the many debates that agitated the British also crossed the Johson family. On the one hand, Boris Johnson has shown himself to be a fervent supporter of Brexit and wanted tough negotiations with the European Union. On the other hand, Jo Johnson has never hidden his pro-European values. He even called for a second referendum. This French-speaking graduate of a French business school also stands out with his character very different from that of his brother.. Jo Johnson is often described as austere and cold even while Boris Johnson is renowned for his blunders.

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2/6 – Conservative MP Jo Johnson, brother of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, walks through the Central Lobby back to the House of Commons after the Queen’s Speech during the State Opening of Parliament ceremony in London.

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3/6 – LONDON-UK-08-MAY-2013: ROTA; Pictured: Jo Johnson (brother of Boris Johnson) Caption: Mp’s walk through the Members Lobby in the houses of Parliament in London today for the State Opening of Parliament which takes place on the first day of a new parliamentary session. The Queen makes a Speech setting out the Government’s agenda for the year ahead. Royal Rota photo by Nick Edwards / Supplied by Ian Jones Photography. NO UK Sales for 28 days until 6-6-13

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4/6 – (left to right) Stanley Johnson, Rachel Johnson and Jo Johnson at the Queen Elizabeth II Center in London where the new Conservative leader will be announced.

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5/6 – Mayor of London Boris Johnson during the London Olympic Games 2012 Opening Ceremony at the Olympic Stadium, London Olympic Games in London, UK on July 27, 2012


6/6 – Jo Cox Memorial Service held at St. Margaret’s Church, Westminster. Featuring: Boris Johnson Where: London, United Kingdom When: 20 Jun 2016