The 55-year-old Conservative Prime Minister was admitted to St Thomas’s Hospital in London

Notimex –

Prime Minister of UK, Boris Johnson, continues today under medical treatment in a hospital of this capital before the persistent signs of COVID-19 that manifested on Sunday.

Johnson wrote Monday morning on his Twitter account that on the advice of his doctor, he had gone to hospital for routine testing while still showing symptoms of coronavirus infection.

I am in good spirits and in communication with my team as we work together to fight the infection and keep everyone healthy, he said.

The 55-year-old Conservative Prime Minister was interned in the hospital of St. Thomas, in London, after he was diagnosed with the disease on March 27.

The BBC reported that he continued his duties as prime minister while in isolation. According to the news network, Johnson received documentation and food at his doorstep.

According to health authorities, Johnson did not report signs of seriousness prior to his hospitalization.

“Today is in the hospital to be tested, but will continue to be informed of what is happening and to be in command of the government.

“The Prime Minister has had persistent symptoms for ten days. He spent the night in the hospital. We hope that as a result of those examinations you will be able to return to Downing Street as soon as possible, “Robert Jenrick, Minister of Housing and Communities, told BBC Radio.

If Johnson’s condition should worsen, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, and also First Secretary of State, would be tasked with taking command of the British government.