UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has revealed that the deterioration in his health from COVID-19 in early April led his government to devise a strategy to deal with his possible death.

“It was a very hard time, I will not deny it. They had a strategy to deal with a Stalin death-type scenario,” says the head of government in an interview published this Sunday by the tabloid “The Sun On Sunday”.

Johnson, 55, was admitted to the intensive care unit of London’s St. Thomas Hospital for three days, where doctors gave him “liters and liters of oxygen,” he explained.

“I was not in particularly bright shape and was aware that contingency plans had been made,” added the prime minister, who last week was the father of his sixth child along with his fiancée, Carrie Symonds.

He assured that in the first moments he did not recognize the seriousness of his condition and refused to go to the hospital: “It did not seem like a good move, but they were quite inflexible. Looking back, they did the right thing forcing me to go,” he said.

“The damn indicators kept going in the wrong direction and I thought, ‘There’s no medicine for this thing, there’s no cure.’ At that point, I thought, ‘How am I going to get out of this?'” Johnson told the British tabloid.

According to his account, he took charge of the seriousness of his situation when he was transferred from the hospital floor to the intensive care unit.

“I had broken my nose, I had broken a finger, my wrist, a rib. I have broken almost everything, in some cases several times, but I have never faced anything as serious as this,” Johnson explained in his first interview. since he left the hospital on April 12.

After two weeks of convalescence in the country residence of Checkers (central England), the Prime Minister returned last week to his office in Downing Street, from where he is currently designing the roadmap for the de-escalation of confinement measures against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Randy Serrano has the information.

According to the newspaper “The Telegraph”, Johnson evaluates announcing that plan in a speech to the nation next Sunday.

The United Kingdom has exceeded 28,000 deaths from the new coronavirus after adding this week to the official count the deaths in residences and homes, which has made the country the third in the world most affected by the pandemic, only behind the United States and Italy.