Numerous friends and acquaintances wanted accompany Ana Obregón and Alessandro Lequio at the funeral in memory of his son Aless. Some of the attendees, visibly affected, such as Terelu Campos, Luis Rollán or Ramón García, avoided making statements about how the ceremony had been and how the Italian and the presenter were.

However, Boris Izaguirre, a great friend of the most famous biologist in our country, has kindly attended to us both upon arrival at the Church of Our Lady of La Moraleja and after the funeral and has told us, always with respect and discretion , how Ana is in these difficult moments.

The presenter, excited, assured before the funeral that « It is a special day, in some way we also want to celebrate the courage that Aless leaves us as a legacy (…) we come to accompany their parents, it is important for them with this act to close a stage of all this pain « .

Very sincere, Boris confesses that the actress « is still very sore, It will be a long time until we meet them again as we always know them. Ana is fabulous, they take the immersed pride that they have accompanied their son until the last moment, they have been fighting with him in the same way. « 

The Venezuelan also had nice words of remembrance towards Aless: « He was charming, he was as funny as we met him eating your artichokes. He always kept that humor, he was an incredibly spontaneous person, generous as are his parents, even if we know them differently , Aless has the perfect mix« 

Regarding the heartbreaking messages that Ana has left us after the death of her son, Boris trusts that she will overcome it: « I think we have to be very patient, it is the best we can do for her, give her time; somehow let him know that of course we know that Ana will always come back but in due course. « 

After the funeral, Boris told us how the ceremony was: « It was very exciting, as we imagined it would be, a very beautiful farewell for Aless, the church and the flowers on the altar were very beautiful. Of course it has been very exciting to hear Ana say goodbye to her son. I think that deep down these things are good to open for them a new time, very hard but that helps a lot to be less deep that regret « .