If there is something that does not help tennis in a moment of crisis like this it is discussions and tantrums like the one that could be witnessed between two figures as media as they are Boris Becker and Nick Kyrgios. German and Australian locked up hopelessly and without quarter in a scolding issued with hype and saucer to the world. It all started with a direct and quite offensive message from Becker to Kyrgios, calling him a “rat” for criticizing Alexander Zverev after he skipped confinement.

“I don’t like rats. Anyone who attacks a partner cannot be my friend. Look in the mirror and think you are better than us. We all live in a pandemic. It is terrible, many people have died and we must protect our families. and follow the guidelines, but we don’t want rats like Nick, “said the Teuton, quoting Kyrgios directly, who entered the rag like a fighting bull, as expected.

“By God Boris, I am not competing or trying to humiliate anybody. This is a global pandemic and if someone is as idiotic as Alex to do what he did, I will denounce him. It is simple. Rat? For denouncing irresponsibility? Strange champion way of thinking. I’m just trying to get my family and other families around the world to see what’s right and you’re going to get attention like a goose. I’m going to say something, “Nick put in anticipating his next message. “Boris Becker is dumber than I thought. He can get a volley, obviously it’s not the most important skill you can have.”

Becker replied in an apparently friendly tone, asking him if he was abiding by all the rules, to which Nick replied, “Don’t act like I’m your friend.” The German, far from showing off his greatest experience and trying to calm the waters, wanted to have the last word and sent two messages, not without irony one of them. “There is an unspoken agreement between athletes. Whatever happens on the court, it will stay in the locker room, nobody will talk about it in public … I really would like to see Nick asserting his potential and winning a Grand Slam. It could be a Incredible model for world youth addressing issues of equality, race and cultural heritage. Go for it, buddy! “

Simply embarrassing to see how two people are not able to maintain sanity and iron out their rough edges in private, falling into insult and giving a poor image of the world of tennis. Especially incomprehensible the attitude of Boris Becker, attacking without justification and in a way incompatible with his role as legend. At the expense of seeing how it all ends, tennis must show an image of greater unity and elegance at a time like this.